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While “Wellness” as a concept is multidimensional, its optimization is absolutely crucial to our living a higher-quality life, enjoyed more fully through the reduced risk or impact of illness, subdued stress, increased levels of activity, and an elevated emotional state promoting more positive interactions. Tillit focuses on those aspects of Wellness falling within its sphere of influence as advocates for hemp-derived CBD relief, these being Physical, Mental, and Social well-being. We see our role in the active and dynamic process of Wellness as a strategic yet simple one - creating awareness and accessibility that allows people to make informed and easy choices towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.
How well we lead, show care, grow trust, and consistently improve in our role will ultimately be defined by our ability to guide consumers towards Better Wellness.


Genuine care means putting people first, listening before lecturing, and fully understanding before undertaking to promote better wellness through hemp-derived CBD. Sure, financial growth and solidity are essential to our sustainability, but ROI must be just as visible and valuable to customers or users as it is to investors. All this might be where our innovative business model differs most from those of “Big Pharma” and other industry conventionalists that have built and maintain the current barriers around wellness, rather than broadening or advancing its ideas.


We’ve made it our mission to lead the way in connecting people to the life-improving benefits that hemp-derived CBD can provide—for loved-ones, friends and communities everywhere. Our role as leader is multifaceted: being the strong voice needed to break through old perceptions; challenging the ways products are sourced or sold; creating the data-hub essential to more fulfilling better wellness experiences; and ensuring that our passion for excellence never tires.


Taking nothing for granted, as honest partners and straight shooters we seek to earn
trust and be worthy of it at every possible opportunity. Transparency is key to building
the credibility that we, and those we choose to associate with - growers,
manufacturers, test labs, technologies providers, agencies and others - must gain and
maintain, if we are to truly lead and succeed in connecting people to better wellness

through the broad-ranging benefits of hemp-derived CBD.


In our vision, a comprehensive hemp-derived CBD marketplace is a vital entity. As such, our diligence in constantly improving as its guardian and champion must be unwavering. Exhaustively accumulating data and feedback, we continuously grow the knowledge that improves experiences. Through better partnerships we improve products and platforms. Through improving the ways we work for our industry, we advance how well it works to ensure better wellness.


We are a team of like-minded disruptors with the determination to create online marketplaces and products that will challenge the status quo. We strongly believe that by compounding our broad-ranging expertise we will achieve our goal: that of better serving clients by rethinking products and by personalizing service and access.

Erick Vadeboncoeur

Chief Executive Officer

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Erick led multiple successful ventures in Canada.

Stéphane Letendre

Chief Financial Officer

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He has worked in large public companies in Canada and Europe.

Rémi Alexis Menes


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Seasoned executive of the pharmaceutical industry, he led companies in Canada, the US as well as Internationally.

Philippe Cannon

Executive Vice-President, Communications and Corporate Affairs

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In three key words: Strategist, Innovator and Activator.

Michael Bliah

Executive Vice-President, Online Platform Division

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eCommerce veteran with over

20 years’ experience.

Alaa Hassan

Vice-President, eCommerce

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Passionate eCommerce & digital marketing
executive leading growth for brands

Sammy Bajwa

Director of Product

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He is a global CPG professional with expertise in developing & delivering product and technology-based food & beverage innovation platforms.

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